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Mutual Aid Networks, My Arms Wide Open® and Bergnek Community Projects announce South African M.A.N. Pilot Site in Bergnek, Limpopo

Vancouver, BC, December 14, 2015 -  My Arms Wide Open (MAWO), a registered Canadian charity that supports women and children in Canada and South Africa, working with Mutual Aid Networks (MAN) and Bergnek Community Projects (BCP) is thrilled to announce that the Bergnek Community, South Africa has been selected to be among the first eight pilot sites of a new worldwide group of Mutual Aid Networks (MANs). The Bergnek project will be implemented under the name: WOMAN = Wealth Originating Mutual Aid Networks.


Grateful for ALL I have in my life


I always love this time of year, as the world around us changes displaying the most brilliant and beautiful colours. Snow is coming for some of us and we're ready to trick and treat. Before we know it it will be thanksgiving, here in the US and on to the Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, or simply the Holiday Season depending on your belief system. The one thing that seems to be common at this time of the year is the focus on family, friends and gratitude. I am truly grateful to be in the circumstances I am in, here in North America.

Friday, 30 October 2015 21:41

The Gift of Opportunity

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If you could ...


If you could change the world today, would you? If you could change the life of a young girl today, would you? In developing countries around the world, the opportunities for girls are oftentimes limited, compared to their male counterparts.

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