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Friday, 31 October 2014 17:23

Strength and Resilience through Equality

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GirlStuff is about Equality


The GirlStuff initiative and business is grounded in equality. It is not about dominance or tipping the scales one another. It is about bringing a balance to communities, as they grow into the future, in which every person is embraced, accepted and valued because they are a person. 

Monday, 11 August 2014 23:28

Keeping girls in Africa in school

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We want girls, and all children, in Africa to be able to learn, grow, and thrive... not worry about whether or not they'll survive


We are very proud of our program GirlStuff – Pads4Girls (also on GlobalGiving), whereby we provide girls with the washable and reusable feminine hygiene supplies that they cannot afford to buy but desperately need so they can attend school. While we’ve seen that these feminine hygiene kits are very successful at getting girls back to school, unfortunately staying in school is part of a larger, more complex issue than most of us could possibly imagine.

Monday, 11 August 2014 23:12

Water, Water Everywhere

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Water, Water everywhere... but not a drop to drink


Previuosly, we shared the progress we’ve made with Engineers Without Borders (“EWB’) on our planning efforts for our ‘One Brick at a Time’ program.  The latest news is that our assessment trip with EWB is now slated to take place the last week of October and through the first week of November. The timing is actually very good for us, because it will be the end of the rainy season and before the hot summer weather actually sets in. But, we really need your help. We need to raise 5% of the total cost of the program ourselves, that's a total of $7,500.  So we are asking for your help in getting more people involved in the One Brick at a Time Program, which provides a direct benefit to the children and people of the Bergnek community in rural Limpopo, South Africa.

Monday, 11 August 2014 17:14

Looking at the BIG Picture

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A Good First Step


By providing reusable, washable feminine hygiene kits to girls who simply cannot afford to buy them is a cause that we are passionate about because every day we are helping to get these girls back into school and keep them there longer. But if we really want to make a significant, sustainable difference in the lives of these girls, we need to look at the big picture and what other things can we do to further support the girls in the communities that we serve.

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