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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 19:57

Iziko Labahlali - Change the way you think...

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Change the way you think..

Change the way you think... about yourself. Have you ever stopped to think about who is in your life currently and who has been in your life in the past? What is and has been their influence on you and the way you think about yourself? How many of those people would you invite into your life today if you thought differently about yourself..., If you absolutely, unquestionably believed in who your are and who you stand for?

Iziko Labahlali: Iziko Labahlali means 'Hearth of the Community" and is a meeting place where ideas are shared and learning takes place in a traditional communities. Changing the way people think about themselves is a core aspect of the Iziko Labahlali program on the path to understanding self-worth and the value each of us can contribute to our families and communities.


Do we deserve better? A lot of us think about past and current relationships and wonder to ourselves, "Don't I deserve more, deserve to be treated better?" Changing the way we think is something that needs to take place at the core of who we are. It needs to change at the level of our beliefs. Not our religious or spiritual beliefs, although they do have an influence and a part in it all, but our beliefs about who we are and how we think about who we are. It is that internal conversation that sometimes sneaks out into the 'aloud' world through our actions and words. Sometimes it is in jest, sometimes it is in defense or justification. Either way when it does slip out it reinforces how we think about ourselves and in fact in how we limit ourselves. 

Obstacles or Opportunities: When we learn to change our internal conversation to one that is positive and reinforces who we are and want to be, we learn to see more in the world around us. When we change the way we think we begin to see opportunities that looked like or seemed to be obstacles before. We learn to see other people differently and are able to accept and understand people so that we see context rather than conflict. Understanding the context of an event or conversation is truly understanding the message of what was communicated and gives us the opportunity to choose to engage and develop a relationship further. Think about a 6 year old child in your life having a 'difficult moment' where they are crying and acting out because of what might seem like a simple issue. How do we respond? When we take the time to help and allow the child to calm down we often learn that there really is a reason they acted the way they did, even if it is just that they are tired. What they were asking for in this example was for comfort and love, not impatience and/or exasperation on our part. So how is it different in your life in a work or personal situation? What if you took the time? What if you responded the way you'd want someone to respond to you? What would be different? 

Take a risk.. Create the change: In order to understand and embrace community and the people around us, we first need to learn to change the way we think about ourselves, so that we can think differently about the way we think about the people around us and in our lives. When we learn to remain calm and see context, we see people, we create the environment we want to live in. We learn to change the way we think... about ourselves.

Your Comments: What do you think? What would you like to change in your life? Who do you want in your life? Who would you like to help and support?

Support members of the rural communities in South Africa to participate in the Iziko Labahlali programs and BE a Part of the Change! DonateNowButton-sm

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