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Current Projects (69)

Monday, 11 August 2014 17:14

Looking at the BIG Picture

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A Good First Step


By providing reusable, washable feminine hygiene kits to girls who simply cannot afford to buy them is a cause that we are passionate about because every day we are helping to get these girls back into school and keep them there longer. But if we really want to make a significant, sustainable difference in the lives of these girls, we need to look at the big picture and what other things can we do to further support the girls in the communities that we serve.

Sunday, 13 July 2014 23:17

Giving Warriors

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An interview with Warren by Dominuque Silverman of Giving Warriors


On July 7, 2014 Warren was interviewed on the the Giving Warriors Show. Giving Warriors is a podcast series of today’s most inspiring stories about leaders in nonprofit and for profit organizations striving for social innovation. They exist to help those who are passionate about creating change in the world to connect, collaborate and contribute.

Tuesday, 06 May 2014 19:01

Our gardens are growing again

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We are Growing again... to Feed more Children


Since our last update we have begun to plant the next season of My World My Garden, Warren's Wall, at the Ray-CAM Cooperative Centre in Vancouver and had a great site visit from GlobalGiving at our My World In a Garden® wall, in Bergnek, South Africa as we close the growing season there. 

Tuesday, 06 May 2014 18:45

A Sustainable Community-Based Business

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Creating a Sustainable Community-based Business


While creating a community-based business that meets the needs of a community and addresses issues within the community is important, it's not everything. What's more important is that that business is able to sustain itself and the people involved over the long-term. This takes dedication, resources and the transfer of skills into the community along with a need for the products it provides outside of the community as well.

Tuesday, 06 May 2014 18:26

For the Children of Bergnek

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Addressing Needs, One Step at a Time, One Brick at a Time


In our last article we updated you on the progress we've been making in our discussions with Engineers Without Borders on our 'One Brick At a Time' community development program, in Bergnek, South Africa, and we have more good news to share. Please share this update with people and organizations you are connected to. We need all the help we can get.

Thursday, 06 February 2014 20:53

What's the BIG idea?

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One Step at a Time, One Brick at a Time


Recently, we've been talking about the progress been make gathering support and taking on projects within the 'One Brick at A Time' program, in Bergnek, South Africa. We call it a program because it is actually a series of projects that lead to the outcome the community of Bergnek has established as their intent and goal for their community overall.

Thursday, 06 February 2014 20:26

GirlStuff matters

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Why GirlStuff™ Matters


Over the past few months we've had some inquiries as to why a program such as GirlStuff, which manufactures, sells and distributes reusable, washable menstrual products is so important and so we'd like to share what it's all about and give you an update on our activites in the field.

Thursday, 06 February 2014 19:56

Spring in Vancouver, Fall in Bergnek

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Feeding children, My World In a Garden®, South Africa and My World My Garden, Vancouver


In Bergnek we're winding down as the growing season in Africa comes to an end, with the end of summer approaching fast and on the other side of the globe, we're preparing to re-plant in Vancouver, at the Ray-CAM Community Cooperative, as spring fast approaches.

Friday, 06 December 2013 15:52

A time for reflection, a time to re-focus

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Creating change one person at a time


Vancouver, December 6th, 2013 - With the passing of Nelson Mandela, Madiba, as he is affectionately known in South Africa, it makes this time of year even more special. Although we are saddened at the passing of a person who changed a people, a nation, a continent and in fact, the world, it happened at a wonderful time of year where happiness just seems to flourish and abound. With the passing of Nelson Mandela we choose to celebrate his life with a renewed and stronger commitment to keep working, and work smarter, more intensely, to support people to lift themselves out of poverty, empowered by their own belief in self and the power to manifest their humble and beautiful dreams to become their new realities.

Thursday, 21 November 2013 17:06

Taking bigger steps

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GirlStuff™ is taking bigger steps in Bergnek


Vancouver, November 21st, 2013 - It's been an exciting year for our GirlsStuff™ and in July this year we made the decision to change the name and amend our trademark for GirlStuff.Period to be more simply GirlStuff™. We have more to share and want to thank each of our contributors for their ongoing support of both the community's and our ongoing efforts.

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