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Wednesday, 12 December 2012 20:30

GirlStuff.Period Update and Season's Greetings

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Gratitude: GirlStuff.Period Update

DonateNowButton-smThank you! for your gracious and generous support of GirlStuff.Period in the GlobalGiving Girl Effect Challenge 2012!! As you may know, the My Arms Wide Open® team works as a volunteer organization to support the causes and the initiatives identified by the communities we are invited into, to work with. Without the financial support that each of you, our donors, provide our work would be that much more difficult and we would have to wait to assist the people we do. We are grateful for each of you and all of our supporters.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 16:04

Connecting the dots

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Connecting the dots... enabling development from within

DonateNowButton-smOur family, Bergnek:   What has become evident as we work in communities is that we must work alongside community from within and we must support and create continuity with each step we take building upon the previous one. In many communities, they have seen people and organizations come and go, but they see very few that come back. Each time we return, we are greeted with a smile and "You came back!?". In creating trust, we create hope and our hope and belief is that each of the communities we work with are a part of our family. A family that works and grows, together. A family that always 'comes back'.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012 17:58

GirlStuff.Period Sandra's Story

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GirlStuff.Period - Sandra's Story

DonateNowButton-smThe Women of GirlStuff.Period, Bergnek:  My name is Sandra Mathye (middle of picture) from Bergnek South Africa. I am a pastor in the community. A year ago, I took the Iziko Labahlali workshop

Monday, 08 October 2012 23:00


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DonateNowButton-smGetting started: We arrived in Bergnek on a Saturday of what was going to be a marathon 9 days setting up three businesses, including building the first My World In a Garden® vertical garden, training the community to manufacture SafeSIPP™ water barrels, and how to manufacture and market the Menstrual Kits, launching the GirlStuff.Period business.

Monday, 08 October 2012 22:59

Food Security ... Starts with Water

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Food Security ... Starts with Water

In many cases in both developing countries and some rural areas in developed countries the first step to establishing food security is to first establish reliable access to clean, safe water. It sounds logical doesn't it. Yet many communities and whole regions in Africa suffer from the lack of reliable and clean water sources. The My Arms Wide Open cause My World My Garden works within communities to build and support My World In a Garden Vertical Food Gardens to provide sustainable food sources and employment in communities that do not have access to arable or irrigated land.

Friday, 21 September 2012 19:06

What IS SO exciting?

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What IS SO exciting... about 'One Brick at a Time'?

The My Arms Wide Open ‘one brick at a time’ project is part of our integrated, collaborative and sustainable community development model, that gets its leverage through the simple act of listening; really listening to the community members and empowering and supporting them to create solutions that come from within to meet the needs they have identified as a community. It really is about seeing what's right with the world around us and seeing opportunities and turning those opportunities into action.

Sunday, 16 September 2012 21:41

Looking in... Iziko Labahlali

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Looking in... my Iziko Labahlali experience

Banff, Alberta, Laura S. Lynes: Standing outside the Ray-Cam Centre on Hasting in East Vancouver, I wasn't too shocked when at 9 AM a car horn beeped and a man waved vigorously at me. “It must be Paul and Warren arriving with the supplies,” I thought. Indeed it was. From the parking lot emerged two eager faces behind bags and bags of groceries and art supplies for our three day Iziko Labahlali journey with My Arms Wide Open.

Thursday, 13 September 2012 03:55

GirlStuff.Period - Let's get to 1,000

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In the recent update on our collaboration with Lunapads and their Pads4Girls program we reported about the progress we've made so far as a result of your generosity. We have 30 days before we head to South Africa and we are asking you to jump in and help us do even MORE. We are set to deliver 250 Pads4Girls menstrual kits to 125 girls in Bergnek, Limpopo and 125 girls in Cradock, Eastern Cape this October, thanks to you, the Lunapads Community who have raised a good portion of the funds in supplying the 250 kits, and the amazing team at AFRIPads, Uganda who have produced the menstrual kits for us. The reality is however, that we have another 175 girls in Bergnek and over 1,000 more in Cradock who are patiently waiting and need menstrual kits as well.

We need your help! Let's get at least 1,000 kits delivered this October.

We're making Progress...

We are making progress, thanks to the wonderful people supporting each of our projects and our partners and collaborators. We are actively working in each of the causes we support and taking one step at a time to create the support the communities we serve need to make progress and move forward. This is an update on Pads4Girls project to support the communities of Bergnek, Limpopo and Cradock, Eastern Cape in South Africa.

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