My Arms Wide Open® Foundation is a Canadian Registered Charity. Our Charity BN/Registration is 82265 8068 RR0001. When you contribute to My Arms Wide Open®, you help to make a significant and lasting impact on the lives of South Africans in rural and urban townships. Through our professional management and organizational resources, we maximize the value of your contribution by applying it directly to supporting the needs and development of the communities we work within.

Your donation is assigned to the overall My Arms Wide Open® project or to one or more of the individual causes you choose to support. Each quarter we review our funding requirements and match those against funds received. This determines the level of funding for each cause and the overall project. We also reconcile and measure the results of each initiative and the project in general to ensure we are on target and that measurable outcomes are being met.

In order to ensure a sustainable funding model, our fund management includes a capital and reserve fund which supports future funding requirements. Where quarterly receipts are not sufficient to meet current needs, a portion of that shortfall may be funded from the reserve account.

My Arms Wide Open offers an innovative business finance program that balances cost, self–support, longevity and sustainability. This program supports entrepreneurs in growing their businesses in an efficient and effective manner. Our donors receive value when their investment is transformed into a skill set that delivers successful and sustainable business practices.

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