Lack of infrastructure and social services prevents many South African communities from addressing fundamental human needs. It is estimated that as many as 80% of the rural population is unemployed. Large numbers of people live without family structure and no access to water or hygiene facilities. School classrooms are crammed with several grades in one room. Children return home to more children or an over-burdened elder,and too little or no food. HIV/AIDS as well as other problems around crime, drugs and prostitution complicate things even more. The problems are easy to see; the solutions are complex.

We are so excited and enthusiastic about the My World My Garden program. The My World My Garden program has proven to be very successful in both Vancouver and Bergnek this year. Each of the Vertical Food Garden Walls have been able to produce enough fresh veggies for 150 families each week during the growing season. This is due to the tenacity and support of both communities and the volunteers who keep the programs alive and thriving.

My Arms Wide Open’s training and programs move young people away from destructive patterns and towards a healthy, cohesive and vibrant communit

My Family, My Community addresses the urgent need for infrastructure by supporting the development of basic services. Communities define their priorities – it could be a well to provide fresh water, daycare for young children or new homes. In addition to providing funding, we involve local people in creating this infrastructure, ensuring a sense of ownership and skills transfer.

My Family, My Community also strengthens communities by helping individuals develop social and emotional skills to break the patterns that have gripped them for so long. We view a community as a family; we help it fulfill its potential by providing nurturing, empowerment, participation and commitment.

Can you make a donation today and perhaps make it a recurring donation? The women and children at
the Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and Bergnek are grateful for all of the support you have given them.

Thank you for your continued support of the women and children of the Ray-Cam Cooperative
Centre and Bergnek Communities and the My Arms Wide Open programs.


My Family, My Community addresses the need for community infrastructure such as:

  • Multi-purpose centre that includes:
    1. Health care centre,
    2. Child care and Early Childhood Development centre,
    3. Community centre, and
    4. Seniors centre
  • Ablution facilities – community and individual
  • Water access – community and individual
  • Increasing output to soil sustainable levels
  • New home construction
  • Community kitchens & bakery
  • Arts & crafts
  • Greening of the community with trees and plants
  • Road access and community streets
  • Community lighting
  • Drainage
  • Recycling and composting facility
  • Refuse service

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