partnerships and collaborative efforts are critical to the long-term success of My Arms Wide Open’s programs

Our team works closely with multinational corporations, national companies and small- and medium-sized businesses to identify, design and implement opportunities that leverage the strengths of the corporate sector and their organizational communities to support the communities, children and mothers of South Africa.

My Arms Wide Open actively supports companies that aim to make a positive and lasting contribution on the communities we jointly support. We support our corporate partners in achieving their Corporate Social Responsibility and business objectives.

  • Strategic philanthropy through cash and in-kind contributions
  • Employee giving programs
  • Leadership training, mentor programs and capacity building
  • Support from corporate partners in the form of:


TheChampions of the Environment Foundation is an autonomous, apolitical group formed to meet the urgent need for acoordinated campaign to heighten national awareness of environmental conservation issues and best practices benefiting the whole community and future generations.

champs-logo-colorThe The JL Zwane Centre is a community centre providing a range of services to the
local community, and focussing in particular on HIV/AIDS prevention, Care and Support Programmes, Nutrition,Hospice, Music and Drama as well as an After-School Study Programme for young learners. The centre renders a great service to people who on a daily basis battle with illness, unemployment and many other forms of extreme hardship. Under these circumstances there is very little chance of it becoming financially self-sufficient in the near or medium term. During the official opening of the centre in May 2003, deputy president of South Africa at the time, Mr. Jacob Zuma said the centre is an inspiration for others– a real symbol of hope. In deed it has become a beacon of hope.

champs-logo-colorTheI Am Somebody! uses life and archetypal storytelling to train youth to become their own leaders.In our two-year mentorship program, youth ofsomebody-logo-colorall the races, cultures, and classes of Cape Town between the ages of 18-21 years, develop a strong network of support. In this program they work with their own life stories and learn from the stories of their own culture. They share these stories with one another, and through this listening are able to cross the violent silence that remains the biggest barrier to effective change in South Africa. Through storytelling we support youth in discovering their innate gifts and applying them to meet the challenges their community face.

champs-logo-colorThe Arms Open of Minnesota – Founded in 1986, Open Arms of MN prepares and delivers free, nutritious meals to people with life-threatening illness in the Twin Cities area of MN. Since 2000, Open Arms has also served people globally. Hot meals are served and food parcels are delivered to community members living with HIV/AIDS in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa through the support of donors from around the world. Open Arms’ vision isone of a world of abundance, where no one who is ill needs to go hungry.

champs-logo-colorTheMonkeybiz – is a non-profit income-generating bead project started in January 2000 by ceramic artists Barbara Jackson, Shirley Fintz, and Mathapelo Ngaka. Monkeybiz focuses on women’s economic development and has established a vibrant community of more than 450 bead artists, many of whom are the sole breadwinners within their households. Through creating sustainable employment, Monkeybiz focuses on women’s economic empowerment and health development in the most economically under-resourced areas of South Africa. Monkeybiz has transformed the beaded arts market in South Africa. Departing from the culture of mass-produced curio craft, each Monkeybiz artwork is unique and is signed by the artist, ensuring that individual artists receive recognition for their work. All of the profits from the sales of artworks are reinvested back into community services soup kitchens, choir group, as well as a burial fund for artists and their families.

champs-logo-colorTheTides Canada – My Arms Wide Open has partnered with Tides Canada – My Arms Wide Open Fund. Online donations to the the My Arms Wide Open Fund are administered by Tides Canada on our behalf. Tides Canada simplifies and amplifies the work of change makers who are working to create opportunities for people around the world to escape poverty, strengthen their communities, and live on a healthy planet. As a registered charity, Tides Canada provides charitable tax receipts for your donations to our fund and directs them towards our cause. Tides Canada Foundation will provide charitable receipts for donations greater than $25 received in office from Canadian donors within 4 to 6 weeks. Please donate gifts of less than $25 online in order to receive a charitable donation receipt.

champs-logo-colorTheWishkeepers – Awakening the Heart of Conversation – WishKeepers helps the relationship between adults and children be more intimate, nurturing and empowering. Wishkeepers provides professionals who work with kids and parents, a tool to creatively guide their relationship. Whether it is talking about what scares them, what hurts, or what makes them happy, the toys provide a nurturing, safe place to talk about anything. In turn, children expand their imagination, self-knowing,and create new possibilities…the cornerstone of manifested dreams.

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