1)Building Greened Communities – Building communities that provide for the needs of the residents that are greened

2)Community Capacity Building

3)Coping and Support Skills

4)ECD (Early Childhood Development) etc….


Community Capacity Building- Strengthening the knowledge, abilities, skills and behaviour of individuals within the community to improve structures and processes so that the communities can efficiently meet their goals and aspirations in a sustainable way while managing limited resources.

Coping and Support Skills –
Training within the community to provide coping skills for social workers and members of the community supporting other members of the community. This includes coping and support skills for children whose parents or heads of the household are HIV/AIDS positive and do not have the necessary support for their family members.

Education – Courses that enable people to identify opportunities
to support and grow within their community and learn critical skills, not educate to qualify them to leave the community.

ECD (Early Childhood Development) – Programs that support and foster self-respect,indigenous cultural learning, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, networking, adaptability, initiative, communication skills, analytical skills that drive curiosity and imagination.

Embracing Community – Providing the skills and support structures to enable the members of the community to cope, nurture, grow and thrive. Our communities embrace individuals irrespective of their health status, history, sex, belief system or sexual orientation.

Kyle is at the start of his career. In addition to his work with My Arms Wide Open, he
is studying at York University in Toronto, Canada with a focus in philosophy. Kyle is a creative and innovative thinker who brings a clear and grounded perspective to the My Arms Wide Open team.

Kyle’s career to date includes working with long term care, retail, financial and communications-based organizations. His ability to communicate effectively and engage individuals is an important element in the success of My Arms Wide >