A Health Clinic in Bergnek

A Health Clinic in Bergnek for 1,200 Women and Children

Picture yourself living in a rural community that is 30 miles from the nearest healthcare facility. On top of this you don't even have access to a car to get your children or yourself to health services when you need them. Your community barely has enough water for people to survive and there are no employment opportunities to change that. Children have already died here because of the lack of basic healthcare. You can help Bergnek change that.


After a tragic incident that occurred on the 15th of January 2007, in which Keith's two year old son died because of the lack of basic medical support, the Bergnek Community Clinic project was born. Keith's son got very sick and died suddenly after a very brief illness. Although Keith's mother was staying with the child, and called an ambulance, by the time the ambulance arrived, Keith's son was already dead. This is not the only incident, but a painful example of life in Bergnek, Limpopo.


By providing an healthcare clinic within the community that can support basic healthcare for children, pre- and post-natal care and birthing support, the community will not have to suffer the loss of more children in the community and give other children the basic healthcare to grow up healthier.

Long-term impact

Having a clinic in the community will provide healthcare to 1,800 community members of which 1,200 are women and children. It will also help to ensure that the 50 children born in the community each year, arrive healthy and have the services needed to help keep them healthy.

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