We work with some basic premises as the foundational agreements we make with and within communities and those who choose to volunteer and work with the My Arms Wide Open team. We are a volunteer organization and every person is truly valuable and empowered to make the contributions they can to support projects, communities and the individuals within the community.

The first basic premise we work from, is that we agree that we don’t go in to communities and conversations to ‘solve problems’, we go in to conversations and communities with ears wide open and to ask only questions, to better understand and support the communities we serve alongside.

The second basic premise that we work from, is that we do nothing FOR communities, we work WITH communities and such our tagline is By the Community, For the Community. In other words, everything is community led.

The third basic premise that we work from speaks to our values as well and is important to call out here. We work from equality, meaning that we see the person first, not their age, gender, beliefs, appearance, partner preferences, social status or standing, or their location and circumstances. See and hear the person.

Taking these foundational premises into account, I’m sure you can understand the important role our Leaders play in the overall interaction with the communities and individual community members participating in the causes and projects.

Why become a leader?

The “Leader’ role matters because it gives all concerned an unbiased party to bounce things off and help plant the seeds for new ideas and considerations. We see our Leaders as the collaboration conduit to ensure we are always aware of needs and changing needs and how well we are doing, outside of our third-party assessments. Our Leaders keep their hand on the ‘pulse’ of what we are doing.

What you'll do

- Community – It is import to re-state that as a Leader you will act as a conduit and the point of contact in the community about the cause you work in to keep fundraisers aware of changes and updates as well as keeping the MAWO team apprised of any new information that may have an effect on projects and operations on the ground pertaining to the related Cause and its ongoing or anticipated projects.

- Communications – Using a variety of tools from SMS, email and WhatsApp, Skype and similar programs, you will help facilitate communications to and from the community related to the cause you are in. It is important that all communications are documented to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and we understand current, future and changing needs from within the community around a specific cause or project you are working in.

- Earpiece – This is more than likely the most important part of what you will be doing as a Leader. You will give the community ears to listen to what's working, what's not and what changes are needed and asking as many questions as you can to ensure you understood what was said and is being communicated.



Did you know that less than 10% of girls in South Africa pass 8th grade and continue their education? The main reason to their dismissal is that they can't afford underwear nor menstrual products and are being bullied in school for it, so they drop out permanently.

Sister Walls

The challenge is not in providing food to developing countries, but in creating a long-term solution to the food depravation issue, so communities can become self-sufficient.

One Brick at a Time

One Brick at a Time is a brick-making business creating 10 full-time jobs every year in Bergnek, South Africa.