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It’s Fall in the Southern Hemisphere

At: Mali Date: June 5th, 2019 Time:9:27 am

Each of our projects revolves around a common theme. Women and Girls. and Pads against Bullying support girls getting back into school, by providing menstrual supplies they don’t have or can’t afford. My World in a Garden helps keep them in school by providing the food they need. The health clinic provides support for … Continue reading It’s Fall in the Southern Hemisphere

Girl Fund Campaign

At: Mali Date: April 30th, 2019 Time:7:05 am

Girl Fund Campaign and Exciting GirlStuff.Period Update In the work we do as an organization there is a connection across all of our initiatives, as well between communities. In March we participated in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign March 1-15, enabling the GirlStuff.Period team to move ahead with some of the goals they have set for … Continue reading Girl Fund Campaign

Words to live by

At: Mali Date: July 28th, 2017 Time:4:13 am

Remember the role models you had when you grew up? Those people that had a real influence and impact on the way you thought, felt and acted? Many of them would have been family; some may have been teachers; more yet may have been friends. What about significant events in your life? Significant in terms … Continue reading Words to live by

Could you survive on 10 litters a day?

At: Mali Date: July 28th, 2017 Time:3:37 am

In this update we are sharing some information with you as to why the My Arms Wide Open, One Brick at a Time project is so important to the community of Bergnek and communities who face similar circumstances. In previous reports we shared the progress we’ve been making and the Bergnek project is on track for … Continue reading Could you survive on 10 litters a day?

My Arms Wide Open Core Action

At: Mali Date: July 17th, 2017 Time:6:49 am

Who we are My Arms Wide Open is a foundation, which we founded in 2009, focused on creating change by working along side women, youth and children. Although our primary focus is in South Africa we have not limited our efforts to communities in South Africa as we work with aboriginal and indigenous communities globally. We are doing work in the Down … Continue reading My Arms Wide Open Core Action