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It’s Fall in the Southern Hemisphere

At: Mali Date: June 5th, 2019 Time:9:27 am

Each of our projects revolves around a common theme. Women and Girls. and Pads against Bullying support girls getting back into school, by providing menstrual supplies they don’t have or can’t afford. My World in a Garden helps keep them in school by providing the food they need. The health clinic provides support for … Continue reading It’s Fall in the Southern Hemisphere

Girl Fund Campaign

At: Mali Date: April 30th, 2019 Time:7:05 am

Girl Fund Campaign and Exciting GirlStuff.Period Update In the work we do as an organization there is a connection across all of our initiatives, as well between communities. In March we participated in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign March 1-15, enabling the GirlStuff.Period team to move ahead with some of the goals they have set for … Continue reading Girl Fund Campaign


At: Mali Date: March 7th, 2019 Time:5:25 pm

A message from Rainet My name is Rainet Katjedi, and I was born in Bergnek. I work in the GirlStuffPeriod business. I still live in Bergnek, with all the challenges and hard times we have, because this is where my family is. We are a big family, with my Grandfather, my mom, brothers and sisters … Continue reading I.Am.Woman.