The sharing of knowledge, or education needs to evolve. In a world that truly is in crisis, we are still focused on driving education to create wealth rather than changing the model to educate through the application of knowledge, to create opportunity and balance.

So many of us will focus on the old push model of education rather than a model that educates because it solves real world problems and draws people in to learn through the application of knowledge to create solutions.

This is especially important in a world where we have created the inability to learn because we don't distribute wealth, but rather accumulate it, thus pulling resources from where they are needed most and pushing people down.

People with a lack of proper nutrition cannot learn in the old model that pushes information at them in vast amounts, because they just don't have the right nutrients in their diets to promote learning. They have to learn by doing and solving real life issues at the same time so that they are enabled to thrive and grow in place, where they are.

What does it take to move us from a patriarchal system and an overcharged masculine energy into a system that creates, restores and nurtures buoyed, supported and sustained by feminine energy to ultimately create balance?

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