Focus on You #SelfCare

Focus on You #SelfCare #Healthcare

As part of our program to build a health clinic in Bergnek, South Africa, we started to look at how else we can support the women and families within Bergnek emotionally and not just from a financial perspective.

Something Different

This is an unusual update, I know. However, we decided in order to truly help the communities we serve, we needed to do something different to recognize the fact that it takes all of us.

Here is how we approached this challenge. We know that our supporters, collaborators and the people we work alongside to support, all need to be able to take care of themselves emotionally, and MORE importantly that doing so is part of the overall health journey we are each on in our lives. So, while we work to raise the funds to continue the Healthcare Clinic project manifestation we decided to work with one of long-time supporters and collaborators, the Global Sorority led by Loretta Cella, to offer you and the people of Bergnek the opportunity to join and come together in a 30-day Personal Care Challenge!

What is a Self Care Challenge?

Have you ever heard about a self-care journal? Yes, it will put you on a path to help you take care of yourself, but what else? A self-care challenge through a journal teaches you how to build self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence to get connected to more opportunities around you and boost your career!

How does this help me and Bergnek?

We are not asking you to make a new donation, we are asking you to put your self-care first and focus on yourself, and so when you enroll in the 30-Day Challengewith My Arms Wide Open, we will donate one free journal to a youth working with My Arms Wide Open (MAWO) in South Africa.

It is that easy!
#PersonalCare #WomenHelpingWomen #WomanPower #Grace.

Here is what you get

What will you get by purchasing the course?

  • The easy-to-use, self-coaching 30-day Essentials Journal
  • An introductory video on how to kick off your challenge in the best possible way
  • Weekly self-care tips delivered right to your inbox
  • Entered to win 1 to 10 incredible self-care prizes

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! There is a link above as well as a link attached to this email where you can sign up for the self-care challenge.

Our goal is to sell 100 courses by June 10th to help 100 youths in South Africa with their self-esteem and confidence, so you and the children can have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine 100 youths from 10 to 18 years old living in South Africa without access to education, food, water, healthcare and having no chance of a future. You can change that by purchasing a self-care journal! Think of the development in their self-confidence and the impact it will have on not only them but everyone around them. We need you to make this happen!

Share your Excitement

We ask that you forward this project report to 2 friends or begin your own fundraising page for the cause here on GlobalGiving.

We are grateful for your ongoing support and for all you, as a donor, have already done to create positive change in the Bergnek community, and are always grateful for you our supporters, and especially for those of you who give to the GirlStuff.Period project every month. Thank you for your contributions, your messages and for sharing the work we do with the wonderful people of Bergnek. We appreciate you and the people of Bergnek most certainly do too.

We won't give up on the communities we serve, and we know you won't either!

Make a gift to My Arms Wide Open today!

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