Girl Fund Campaign

Girl Fund Campaign

Girl Fund Campaign and Exciting GirlStuff.Period Update

In the work we do as an organization there is a connection across all of our initiatives, as well between communities. In March we participated in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign March 1-15, enabling the GirlStuff.Period team to move ahead with some of the goals they have set for themselves in the 2018 year.

The key goals the GirlStuff.Period team has set for this year are to:

    1. Grow the business to a point where it turns the corner on sustainability, and;
    2. Increase revenues and profits enough to be able to distribute 5,000 menstrual pads every school semester to young girls in South Africa.
    3. Create a revenue stream that can support the health needs within the Bergnek village, while we work on grants and funding for the clinic itself.

What will this achieve for the Girls in South Africa that need health services and support from the clinic and GirlStuff.Period? It helps to:

    • End bullying at school for girls
    • Educate them on health and family planning
    • Create more awareness of the Clinic project and support locally for it
    • Give them access to food daily via the My World, My Garden program
    • Finds them employment within and outside GirlStuff.Period
    • Build successful businesses via the My Business, My Community program
    • Teach them how to give back to their communities
    • Make underdeveloped communities in South Africa sustainable

It's about a Girl

Girls are key to ending poverty. If girls are given a stay in school, get access to health services, delay marriage and childbirth
... it's not only them who benefit - so do their children, families, communities, and countries.

What do girls need? There are 5 priorities girls need to be successful:

    • SAFETY: Girls can't succeed when they live in fear. From creating safe spaces to passing stronger laws, ending violence against girls is the first step to ending global poverty.
    • HEALTH: Female genital mutilation affects more than 125 million girls and women all over the world. Here's how you can prevent more girls becoming statistics.
    • VOICE & RIGHTS: Being born a girl shouldn't mean living with less freedom and rights than a boy. Girls are ready to stand up and be counted, so we're giving them the mic.
    • ECONOMIC SECURITY: Sometimes starting is as simple as opening a bank account. Find out what girls need to protect their assets and earn a safe income.
    • EDUCATION: Educate a girl and you educate a community. All girls deserve the opportunity to learn.

What is SO exciting? The Next Step

The exciting news is that, as a result of your efforts and support, we have been working hard behind the scenes to develop the website for GirlStuff.Period. This is a first step in our women's health initiative and program.  Watch for details in our newsletter, which you can join here, as we will launch the website in the next 3 weeks.

Share your Excitement about GirlStuff.Period

We are looking for donations from as many individuals and organizations as possible and appreciate any and all help that can be provided. We ask that you forward this project report to 2 friends. You can also begin your own fundraising page for the cause on GlobalGiving. This is and exciting step, as it helps to increase donations and furthermore it grows their business even faster.

We are grateful for your ongoing support and for all you, as a donor, have already done to create positive change in the Bergnek community. We are always grateful for you our supporters, and especially for those of you who give to the One Brick at a Time project every month. Thank you for your contributions, your messages and for sharing the work we do with the wonderful people of Bergnek. We appreciate you and the people of Bergnek most certainly do too.

We won't give up on the communities we serve, and we know you won't either!

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