A message from Rainet

My name is Rainet Katjedi, and I was born in Bergnek. I work in the GirlStuffPeriod business. I still live in Bergnek, with all the challenges and hard times we have, because this is where my family is. We are a big family, with my Grandfather, my mom, brothers and sisters and my aunts. We all live together so that we can support each other, to survive.

Our life is hard and sometimes very harsh, but we keep working. In 2011 I was lucky to meet My Arms Wide Open, and Mr. Warren. He is like a dad for me. I remember we all did the course together, to learn how to think about our problems and how to help ourselves. I was really lucky because me and my friends got the idea to make the menstruation supplies for the girls to come back to school. We call it GirlStuffPeriod. Not all of us had a chance, but us 8 did. We are working hard to make this business profit and grow. While we do it we make the pads for girls and it helps them stay in the school and learn maths and science. We have learned we can do it and we can be successful.

Come to our site at GirlStuffPeriod[dot]org and see our work. Each time we work, we get more professional.

Each of us Bergnek ladies want a chance to be successful, we learned we have lots of potential. Help us to help some more girls, please.


There are multiple ways for you to help and support girls in the program and we are counting on you and the people you know to take action.

Share your Excitement

We ask that you forward this GirlStuffPeriod project report to 2 friends or begin your own fundraising page for the cause here on GlobalGiving.

We are grateful for your ongoing support and for all you, as a donor, have already done to create positive change in the Bergnek community, and are always grateful for you our supporters, and especially for those of you who give to the GirlStuffPeriod.org project every month. Thank you for your contributions, your messages and for sharing the work we do with the wonderful people of Bergnek. We appreciate you and the people of Bergnek most certainly do too.

We won't give up on the communities we serve, and we know you won't either!

#WomenHelpingWomen #WomanPower #InternationalWomensDay #GirlStuffPeriod

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