As a volunteer driven organization, the My Arms Wide Open team has a broad skill set, however there are certainly gaps in technical expertise and resources that we as a team are not always available for, or able to fill. We look to our supporters and new supporters to help us fill the gaps and address needs on the ground and organizationally. That’s where you, as an in-kind donor can make a significant contribution.

Why it matters

When we engage with a community, it is by an invitation from the community itself. We begin our engage with our mindful action program, Iziko Labahlali, whereby we support the community in uncovering key needs and issues and drilling down into those to understand core needs, causality, and the environment and circumstances around them. This process creates a ‘common language’ for the community and identifies clear starting points in addressing and eradicating the causes and issues that create and sustain the deficiencies the community is experiencing

Help Families & children in Africa

Once we helped to identify the challenges the community is facing, our next step is to help them explore and create solutions. As a result we don’t know exactly what will be needed going in, and the combination of the community skill-set inventory, that we create during the program, and that of our team members may not be enough to be successful. That’s where you our supports and donors come in. You can make a difference.

What can you do

We are a volunteer organization and as such, we need to manage our resources in the most cost-effective and impactful manner. Contributions and donations don’t always come in the form of cash and there are a number of in-kind donations we look for and welcome, such as:

In country (in other words in the same country as the project community) o Goods: technology, software, furniture and office and household equipment and building supplies o Raw Materials: support for community owned businesses o Consumables: food, seeds and water

o Business Expertise: legal, tax or business advice o Education Expertise: Education design and content advice and support o Project Expertise: engineering advice and support for Infrastructure projects, Project Management o Services: meeting space, mail services and administrative and/or financial support o Technology Expertise: IT, hardware and software advice and support for communities, projects and the general business Open your heart. You make a difference. Empowering Communities in Need.


My World in a Garden

Food security is a challenge the world over in both developing and developed countries. The challenge is not that we cannot provide food. "We" can provide instant gratification, but this is a short term and band-aid solution.


Uneducated girls remain trapped in a cycle of denied rights & poverty throughout their lives. Fewer than 10% of girls in South Africa advance beyond Grade 8.

One Brick at a Time

The project will create a brick-making business in the community of Bergnek providing 10 full-time jobs. The bricks will be sold to building wholesalers to generate income as well as provide the bricks to build the homes.