It all starts with the pads to help girls in Africa!

It all starts with pads to help girls in Africa!

 It starts with a simple thing that most of the girls in the developed world take for granted. It’s the simplicity of having a menstrual pad available when your period arrives. In the developed world, women and girls don’t have to give a second thought as to whether they will have menstrual supplies available and ready when they need them, in the third world it’s an entirely different story.

Think about it from this perspective; if you could not afford food every day and you had a very limited amount of money, would you buy food or menstrual supplies?#FirstWorldProblems

This is a question that girls in rural South Africa, and other African countries, have to answer every month and they of course choose food over menstrual supplies.

What that means for them is they miss a week of school every month. Imagine how difficult it is for girls in these circumstances to keep pace and catch up? It’s literally impossible, they simply can’t, and the sad part is that the lack of something so simple sets them back and continues a cycle of poverty for the rest of their lives.

Girls deserve the chance to thrive and break the chains of intergenerational poverty as much as boys do. They deserve what you have and what you take for granted.

The women of Bergnek, Limpopo, South Africa manufacture washable, reusable, safe menstrual kits for women and girls, but they can’t help all the girls they’d like to without our help. They take action every day, to do as much as they can. Let’s show them it’s worth it and lend a hand up by donating to the cause.

Imagine: Changing a girl’s life is as simple as starting by giving them a reusable, washable, safe menstrual kit and giving them the chance to stay in school all month long, every month.

It starts with pads. Donate to support a girl take advantage of all the opportunities a boy has. She will thrive and do more for her community than we could imagine.


Take action to support Pads Against Bullying by clicking here.

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