Encouraging Entrepreneurial Excellence

My Business, My Community responds to the specific needs of each community using the fundamental principles of micro-loans and professional support services to create a solid platform for future development and growth.

The best business start-up opportunities originate with community members who see an unfulfilled need. In one area,  MAWO funded the establishment of a furniture factory that fulfills an unmet market demand for living room furniture. Orders were gathered before the factory even went into operation. Local partners immediately began to identify spin-off business opportunities. This entrepreneurial energy is contagious.

Our impact

250 people participated in the Iziko Labahlai program

6 entrepreneurial businesses started directly out of the program

We have made an impact on 11 communities and over 3,500 people

Our success stories

Elias Patosi

"My Arms Wide Open motivated me on how I can work towards starting my own business and how to market it well. I learned you have to get up and start doing things for yourself if you want to better your life."

Lundi Rasmeni

Thank you Warren, I now have good karma and people find it easier to relate to me far better than before because of a genuine smile and greeting. Thank you for the workshop you facilitated in Cradock three years ago, it helped me get out of my cocoon. I now run a small business and employ in excess of 20 people. Thank you Warren and My Arms Wide Open.