Building better communities

In many South African communities, a lack of infrastructure and social services has a profound impact on families and the social fabric of the community. My Family My Community addresses this need for infrastructure.

Communities define their priorities – perhaps a functioning well for fresh water, daycare for young children or new homes. My Arms Wide Open enables communities to build from within. In addition to providing funding, we involve local people in creating this infrastructure, ensuring ownership and skills transfer.

My Family My Community helps communities fulfill their potential by providing nurturing, empowerment, participation and commitment.

Our impact

250 people participated in the Iziko Labahlai program

6 entrepreneurial businesses started directly out of the program

We have made an impact on 11 communities and over 3,500 people

Our success stories

Nombulelo Mbanjana

"Since taking part in the Community Builder program, I approach people and things with a positive attitude. I don’t let anything positive slip through my fingers. I don’t let negativity play a part in my life and in my heart."

The Original Well

MAWO has also addressed Critical infrastructure needs in the Iziko Labahlali participant communities that include providing a much-needed water source and 4 wells in Bergnek where we are working to assist the 1836 residents of Bergnek with water, health services, education for girls, support for young children and the clinic and grocery store

One Brick at a Time

One Brick at a Time is a brick-making business creating 10 full-time jobs every year in Bergnek, South Africa. The bricks serve different purposes: They are sold to building wholesalers to generate income; this income is then used to build homes and a health care facility for hundreds of communities in the area of Bergnek.

Lundi Rasmeni

Thank you Warren, I now have good karma and people find it easier to relate to me far better than before because of a genuine smile and greeting. Thank you for the workshop you facilitated in Cradock three years ago, it helped me get out of my cocoon. I now run a small business and employ in excess of 20 people. Thank you Warren and My Arms Wide Open.

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