Developing Community Leaders

My Arms Wide Opens Community Builder training sessions involve adults who have a desire to take control of their life and make changes –that is the only criteria. Our focus is on providing learning that will enable them to build their community, not giving them qualifications so they can leave their community. They learn to identify job opportunities and the benefits of a collaborative mindset.

The results are immediate and immense. People who were unemployed and unable to feed their families have found long-term employment. Their futures are changed because they have the tools to help them change the way they think about their lives.

Our impact

250 people participated in the Iziko Labahlai program

6 entrepreneurial businesses started directly out of the program

We have made an impact on 11 communities and over 3,500 people

Our success stories

Lionel Fransman

"I am amazed by the commitment that Warren and My Arms Wide Open have for us all here in Cradock. Never before have I come across a workshop or its presenter that takes so much time and effort in assistingus in achieving our goals and letting us live to our full potential. For that I will be forever grateful."

Vuyani Soyama

"It was exciting to be taught which steps I should take to start a business. Also, learning how to communicate well in a business environment was important for me. But the most valuable aspect was that I take better care of myself now."

Phamela Kabi

"To be part of My Arms Wide Open is a true blessing for me. My approach to life has changed in a positive way. I handle situations much better in my everyday life. I feel that I have more energy, and setting goals and achieving them makes me feel better about myself."

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