Travel to Africa

Travel to Africa

Travel to Africa. Build vertical vegetable gardens yourselves.

As everyone who is familiar with our organization knows, sustainable development is a key requirement for My Arms Wide Open along side family values and ongoing community support. As we look to innovation and inclusiveness we’ve found a great new way to help you get involved on the ground, that supports you to be hands on right in the environment and communities that you don’t live in. It’s a lot easier to connect and understand when you can get face to face with people on a different continent.

My Arms Wide Open® Eco-Travel - My World In a Garden, South Africa

We are launching an Eco-Travel option for those of you who would like to get involved in a project right inside a community. We’ve already organized some great initiatives and projects all designed to the people living in our communities, and now you can get involved too.

Our goal is to build 1,000 community gardens in our My World My Garden – My World In a Garden Program. This makes sense as a project anyone can get involved in working right alongside our communities and the project teams. A great example is our vertical vegetable garden we recently built in Ray Cam Community Centre in Vancouver. This is not only an eco-program that uses resources in a very practical way to provide food security; it is also a great educational program for all the seniors, children and youth that attend the Centre on a daily basis.

Now, with a help of everyone interested in helping others, we are taking this project one step further. Have you ever been to Africa? With our new vertical vegetable garden you can go to Africa. This is not just the way to help people there but it will also allow you to meet a new culture and find out how warm and wonderful people in Africa really are. You will pay for your trip to Africa as well as give a contribution for the garden we are going to build together there. When we finish the project, each and every one of you will have their chance to post testimonials, blog posts and stories about this great experience. This is a wonderful way to help people in Africa and allow them a food security in their community, the same way as we have done it in our own.

Sign up for March 2014 and build a vertical garden in Cradock

There is one special reward for all of you Canadians that participate in this project. You will receive the Donation Receipt for a portion of the cost that will be related straight to the vertical garden.

Our charity organization is here because of the great, generous people like you. Your donations and your help allow us to exist. There is no better feeling than knowing you have helped somebody else without asking for anything in return. That is why we hope that once again our community and people outside of it will show how big their hearts are and join this project.

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