We work with some basic premises as the foundational agreements we make with and within communities and those who choose to volunteer and work with the My Arms Wide Open team. We are a volunteer organization and every person is truly valuable and empowered to make the contributions they can to support projects, communities and the individuals within the community.

The first basic premise we work from, is that we agree that we don’t go in to communities and conversations to ‘solve problems’, we go in to conversations and communities with ears wide open and to ask only questions, to better understand and support the communities we serve alongside.

The second basic premise that we work from, is that we do nothing FOR communities, we work WITH communities and such our tagline is By the Community, For the Community. In other words, everything is community led.

The third basic premise that we work from speaks to our values as well and is important to call out here. We work from equality, meaning that we see the person first, not their age, gender, beliefs, appearance, partner preferences, social status or standing, or their location and circumstances. See and hear the person

As a volunteer you will experience the environment and circumstance the people in the communities we serve live on a daily basis, by being right there with them on the ground helping to implement and address challenges as they happen.

Help children & families in South Africa

"My mission is to be the spark that ignites the hearts and minds of social entrepreneurs around the World in support of what I believe is my purpose in life, which is to work with children in South Africa and around the world, to enable them to break the chains of their parents’ past prejudice, preserve their culture and to learn to make decisions for themselves, embracing their communities and continually growing as confident, contributing individuals," Warren Te Brugge, CEO, My Arms Wide Open.

What you'll do

By engaging people from many different walks of life and with a broad set of skills with the passion and intent to embrace the people they meet and work alongside in communities we are confident communities will experience greater benefits and be able to grow faster than without the program. We want to create a lasting situation fostering pride and growth from within the community so that entrepreneurs and leadership remain in the community thus breaking the cycle of inter-generational poverty, abuse and suffering, allowing communities to thrive and take a hold of and shape their own futures.

Each EcoTour group will work on a specific project in a community that My Arms Wide Open is already working in. The projects will vary depending on eh need within the community at the time of the trip.

What’s included in your South African Adventure? Airfares, Ground Transportation, Lodging and Accomodation in Your Project Community, Lodging and Accomodaton during your Seeing Benatiful South Africa siteseeing portion of your trip, Meals (Breakfast, Lunches and Dinners - Meals vary depeniding on where we are at the time in Your Adventure), Taxes and Gratuities. Sign up to day and send us your details under “apply today”


My World in a Garden

Food security is a challenge the world over in both developing and developed countries. The challenge is not that we cannot provide food. "We" can provide instant gratification, but this is a short term and band-aid solution.


Uneducated girls remain trapped in a cycle of denied rights & poverty throughout their lives. Fewer than 10% of girls in South Africa advance beyond Grade 8.

One Brick at a Time

The project will create a brick-making business in the community of Bergnek providing 10 full-time jobs. The bricks will be sold to building wholesalers to generate income as well as provide the bricks to build the homes.