What is GirlStuff.Period?

What is GirlStuff.Period?

GirlStuff.Period is not just a play on words and a women led business in the little community of Bergnek, it’s a quest to empower girls, help them stay in school, and inform boys about the opportunities girls miss as a result of a totally human body function. It’s about celebrating being a girl! It’s about bringing an important and wonderful part of a girls life into the light in a respectful and empowering way for both girls and boys.

GirlStuff.Period manufactures menstrual kits and provides education to girls about the use of the kits, while educating boys to by empathetic and understanding why girls may have to miss school more often than they do, thereby missing out on opportunities the boys get simply because they are at school when a girl might be absent.

The menstrual kits that GirlStuff.Period manufactures include the pads they need, a pouch to carry them in and a bag to transport their used pads before they can be washed, along with a pad holder. The pads and the entire kit is washable and reusable and made from materials that are safe for girls as well as very comfortable.

GirlStuff.Period is a manufacturing business, and yet is SO much more. It’s about education, empowerment, and equality. It’s about celebrating girls, at a point in their lives when it is so important for them to know and believe that they are wonderful and powerful and can achieve everything they set their minds to.

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