What would you do without menstrual products?

What would you do without menstrual products?

How different would your life be if you had to go without menstrual products? Interesting question, right?

If you didn’t have menstrual products available to you, you wouldn’t be able to work a full month each month and you’d earn less. There is already a gap between what men are paid and what women are paid to do the SAME job. Imagine if you had to take a week off each month because you didn’t have menstrual products.

Women in rural South African and other African countries actually live with this problem. How do you think they are doing?

If you or your daughter, didn’t have menstrual products as a girl, you’d or they would have to miss a week of school a month. Do you think you’d be able to catch up to the boys? Research shows that just missing a day a month makes it extremely difficult to keep pace at school with other students, imagine what a week of missing school every month would do to your learning ability. Girls would be so far behind boys they would lose out on most of the opportunities boys have, because they can go to school all the time, they don’t need menstrual products.

Girls in rural South African and other African countries live this reality. Imagine how they feel about themselves and their ability to take care of themselves and their future families?

Imagine: Changing a girl’s life is as simple as starting by giving them a reusable, washable, safe menstrual kit and giving them the chance to stay in school all month long, every month.

What would you do without menstrual products?. Donate to support a girl take advantage of all the opportunities a boy has. She will thrive and do more for her community than we could imagine.


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