What would you do without menstrual products?

What would you do without menstrual products?


Ask yourself this question, “What would I do without menstrual products?” Now, I’m sure you’re thinking,’Wait!I don’t use menstrual products, I’m a man’ or, ‘What do you mean, do without them?, I have them and get them whenever I need them.’ Well, menstrual products affect each of us, yes even the ‘u’s that doesn’t personally use them.

 Menstrual products are not something ‘we’ talk about. They’re just there and available. We hold them as taboo, and yet menstrual products are so important to your life in general and such an important aspect of good health, and support the ability for women to have babies. There are so many aspects of menstrual health and the products women use that we don’t talk about, or even think about. We are required to wear seat belts and poison can’t go in our food, but we don’t even question what ‘regular’ menstrual products are made with and how drastically and dramatically they can affect a girls and a woman’s life?

Safety aside, think about it, what WOULD you do, if there were none available? How would it affect your ability to work? How would it affect your family? How would it affect you as a parent? How would it affect you personally, your health?

Never mind what we couldn’t do without them, why are they taboo? Why don’t we all talk about them? Why aren’t they a necessity? Think about a girl in Africa, who can’t think about it, because she just HAS TO go without, or go hungry.

While, you’re still thinking about all this, reach out and make a donation to help a girl in Africa stay in school by helping to purchase the reusable, washable and healthy menstrual products she needs. Do it for a Girl, who wants ALL the opportunities boys get. She deserves it. She will shine. She is a Wonderful and Powerful Girl.


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