What’s new with GirlStuff.Period!

What's new with GirlStuff.Period in 2018

We are now bringing the program to a whole new level. We are so excited to tell you more about all that is coming!


Our plans for 2018

Prior to My Arms Wide Open, only 10% of girls in South Africa passed 8th grade and went on to graduate. The main reason behind that being they could not afford menstrual products and experienced bullying in school, mostly by boys, and they felt like the only option was to quit. By dropping out of school, they remained in the poverty cycle their whole life and could not find employment. Only 25% of women in rural areas are employed in South Africa.

As we started the program, we have helped over 100 young girls stay in school and move on to graduation. They then found employment and are now able to help their community.

When GirlStuff.Period started in 2011, we were providing 2,500 girls, every semester, with underwear and reusable menstrual pads: what we call menstrual kits. Now, we are looking to provide over 5,000 menstrual kits every semester.


It’s all about the big picture: sustainability in South Africa

GirlStuff.Period not only distributes menstrual pads but adds to a bigger picture, increasing the economy within poor South African communities. Ultimately, GirlStuff.Period seeks to forge a cycle where these communities become self-sufficient.

Young girls, by receiving GirlStuff.Period products, can stay in school and avoid bullying, but we noticed, oftentimes, that some of them still dropped out of school. The reason behind this is that these girls must acquire food for themselves and their families. We then decided to establish My World, My Garden, which built vegetable gardens for these communities, so young girls have constant access to food. Therefore, by combining menstrual kits and vegetable gardens, the dropout, in the communities we work in, rate decreased by 40%.

GirlStuff.Period has also increased the employment in the South African communities we work in; in 2017, we employed 8 women full-time. We plan to increase the employment rate by 15% every year starting in 2018 until we have reversed the dropout rate to single digits.


What’s next? 

So, you may be wondering what’s next? We have provided young girls in South Africa with menstrual pads, provided an anti-bullying solution, helped towards ending hunger, increased employment and helped communities on their way to sustainability. But, no, that is not all. In 2018, GirlStuff.Period will start to educate girls and boys on health, nutrition and family planning so they have the power to take charge of their own life.

We conduct programs to break the poverty cycle and raise awareness worldwide on the issue of menstrual pads. For this, we have built a new website for GirlStuff.Period, which will be launching this month. The website will also serve as an e-commerce platform for the menstrual kits.


Our biggest chance to make it all happen in 2018!


Our best chance of achieving our goals in 2018 is happening now via the Girl Fund Campaign powered by Global Giving.

We have until March 15th to get as many $10 donations as we possibly can to receive funding all year for GirlStuff.Period! Yes, all year! We just need to rank in one of the 4 top spots and our goals will be met for this year. We only have 5 days left though!


We are asking you to make a commitment to GirlStuff.Period before March 15th. Even $10 will make a lasting impact on a young girl’s life in South Africa.


Let’s make their dream of education and a career come true today. Head over to GirlStuff.Period on Global Giving and donate.




Take action to support GirlStuff.Period by clicking here.


Thank you so much!

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