Words to live by

Words to Live By

Remember the role models you had when you grew up? Those people that had a real influence and impact on the way you thought, felt and acted? Many of them would have been family; some may have been teachers; more yet may have been friends.

What about significant events in your life? Significant in terms that as a result of that experience you made a vow to do something or act in a certain way in your life simply as a result of experiencing that event.

As leaders, we’re now the role models: Our actions have a significant impact on the people around us.

There are many ways to affect change in our organizations. Some are more effective than others; some are more positive than others. But more importantly, some have a truly lasting effect. As a leader, it’s your role and responsibility to observe, manage and sometimes to change the way people think, feel and act to the ultimate benefit of themselves personally, their teams and the organization. Fortunately, you know how that’s done: You’ve been influenced by role models before….

Consider the people around you today—in your life in general: How do they think, feel and act around you? How do they think about you? Does their impression align with your intention?

If you want to change the way you’re perceived—and therefore to change the way people think, feel and act around you—then you need to start acting and interacting like the person you want people to see and remember. Be truly conscious of who you are.

If you want to influence others, you need to change or grow your own belief system to affect real behavioural change.

There is no magic bullet to making change happen. And there are no shortcuts to creating and experiencing real growth. Change is a process and a commitment to yourself and the people and environment around you.

One approach is to set and review intentions and affirmations on a regular basis.

Guiding Principles enshrine the behavioural tone of the organization. They describe how we’ll work together to achieve success.

Following are the Guiding Principles of Manzimvula, which also are vital touchstones for my own life:

Altruistic I am in the consulting business—helping is my service. My purpose is to unselfishly put the needs and ambitions of those I serve at the foundation of all my relationships. I encourage clients to make their own positive and lasting impact.

Acceptance I commit to respect all human beings equally, regardless of culture, race or religion. I will willingly embrace everyonesʼ unique ability, strength and character and hold all my relationships in the highest honour.

-  Connectedness Bringing people of communities or business together, I consult on every project by looking beyond the boundaries that seem to exist within traditional organizational structures or social norms and connect individuals and knowledge together by recognizing the common threads in the greater whole and effecting change.

Aspiring I strive to listen with my senses wide open and deliver back valuable consulting services that effectively empower individuals and organizations to passionately pursue their desired goals or objectives.

Caring One Love, One heart. My love for all individuals and their right to free will fuels my purpose and ensures my compassion.

Collaboration Working together within communities toward common goals and objectives and building consensus to support them by sharing knowledge, resources, learning.

Community Consciousness Movement is defined by a shift in consciousness from fear-based separatism to one that allows full expression and celebration of each individual who contributes to the wellness of the local and global community.

Innovative I use my global expertise, veteran leadership abilities and my business intuition to create unique and highly successful solutions to my clients’ challenges.

Opportunity To recognize and act on all opportunities and circumstances to support sustainable resource management and community development and growth.

Roots Reconnecting to the wisdom of South Africa, redefining the value for the individual, life and generations. The individual is valuable and contributes to themselves, the people in their lives, their community and culture. Cultural tradition is the basis for developing identity and reconnecting the individual, life and future generations.

Do you have a collection of principles to guide your organization? Your team? Yourself? It is as important to pay attention to how we achieve our goals as it is to what they are, and how it feels to achieve t

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